Mission Organisations 

As part of our giving, we support two Mission organisations. The Lunchbowl Network (www.lunchbox.org) & The Foulkes family, through Africa Inland Mission (AIM)

Principles for Mission organisations
As the basis for choosing mission agencies, there are two key criteria:-

  •  It will be a Christian organisation 
  • It will be a structured organisation with proven accountability and constitution. 

Things which we desire:-

  • There will be a balance of home and overseas agencies 
  • We hope that some kind of link between the organisation and the church, would develop 
  • The Mission Organisation would benefit from tithing from the Church’s income

July 2019 Lunchbowl Network video link here

September 2019 - New mission added -  Based in Bournemouth, Pathways for all People is a registered Charity, offering accommodation and support through a holistic approach to cater for the whole person's individual needs for those in early recovery from addiction.  
Sarah Libby will be inviting the organiser of Pathways for All People, Karen Ager, to come and talk to us one Sunday in the near future.  In the meantime if you would like to learn more please visit http://www.pathwaysforall.co.uk 

For more information on the Lunchbowl Network please click here

These are the two children we at All Saints support - here are their stories:-Erick Ochieng

Zenia Hussein

For more information about Lunchbowl, click here


We support the Foulkes family who have recently  moved to the UK to equip the local church in reaching unreached African peoples in Cardiff.

               2017 09 - Foulkes 515101385274

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Foulkes 1
To find out more about AIM and the Foulkes family, click here

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