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13th November 21st November 27th November 4th December 11th December 18th December 25th December 1st January 2021 8th January
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The Daily words of encouragement from Rev Sarah Pix - click on each date below

18th March

15th April

13th May

10th June

8th July 

6th August

19th March

16th April

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11th June

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21st July

26th August

1st April

29th April

27th May

24th June

22nd July

28th August

2nd April

30th April

28th May

25th June

23rd July


3rd April

1st May

29th May

26th June

24th July


4th April

2nd May

30th May

27th June

25th July


5th April

3rd May

31st May

28th June

26th July


6th April

4th May

1st June

29th June

27th July


7th April

5th May

2nd June

30th June

28th July


8th April

6th May

3rd June

1st July

30th July


9th April

7th May

4th June

2nd July

31st July


10th April

8th May

5th June

3rd July

1st August


11th April

9th May

6th June

4th July

2nd August


12th April

10th May

7th June

5th July

3rd August


13th April

11th May

8th June

6th July

4th August


14th April

12th May

9th June

7th July

5th August


We are currently in a Vacancy which is a period of time without a regular minister, during this time Rev Patches Chabala and Assistant Curate Rev Oliver Fricker plus other clergy from St Mary's in Ferndown will be overseeing us.